Academic mentoring

I have been conducting private academic mentoring since 2009 in tandem with providing philosophical therapy. In the later part, I did not have time to continue, albeit conducting philosophical therapy and fixing humane problems was enjoyable. Academic mentoring has stayed since then, and today, I have given private academic mentoring to over 100 students from varied academic fields, mostly on bachelor- and master's theses and dissertations.

In addition to the thesis and dissertation, it has been essential to convey how to develop the skills and knowledge needed for the growth of specialists. I have also written several hundred pages of materials and texts on different topics under the academic mentoring of excellent students. Despite that, my interest is mainly in the problem of how students can get exceptional results and achieve as holistic, meaningful, and useful a skill set as they can. An academic degree is only secondary activity in comparison to the goal of bettering one's talents and perspectives. The university is a great place to fail. You can fail innumerable times and try out things until you get it right. You cannot do the same in a lot of workplaces. Also, receiving the best grades from examinations, essays, and theses can deceive students. Excellent, 5/5, and A are just the global averages of excellence in academic studies. There is no upper limit for scientific achievements. This doesn't mean it would be beneficial to dedicate years to a thesis alone. No. This is something nobody wants. Cultivating great academic skills is a more complex endeavour than mechanically passing grades and examinations. What is needed is deep introspection and honesty with yourself, and continuing motivation to work on academic skills for years and even decades. Academic skills entail grasping not only singular special skills used in your selected academic field but also a holistic understanding of science and a realistic picture of your talents. We don't have enough time in a lifetime to perfect all our abilities. Academic work is always about choices. However, there are innumerable ways to be an excellent specialist but to grow as a specialist, a lot of effort, reading, and academic mentoring are needed to achieve this goal.

If you are interested in receiving private academic mentoring, you can also read several testimonials from students I have helped previously. Services and contact details you can see here. Before taking more costly mentoring option it is advisable to read this book first, most of the student problems can be fixed with it, save time and money.

I want to thank everyone for the outstanding efforts and intellectual struggles that I have had the privilege of assisting and experiencing to be able to help more people with academic mentoring.


"With this mentoring I could write my thesis from page 6 to 21 in one weekend."

"Mentoring has directed my orientation to finish my master thesis and to help me recognise problems within my study. In addition, I have gained a lot of good tips on building a theoretical frame of reference and its connection to analysis. Mentoring has also helped to raise the main elements from the analysis."

"I finally completed my studies that had lasted over 9 years. Mentoring help was seminally important."

" I am writing this anonymous testimony for Ari J. Tervashonka, Whom I sought advice from on numerous occasions for my academic tasks at university, I first wrote to Ari for language requirements and some other details about my enrolment in the PhD program, and Ari promptly responded, kindly and nicely. After being a PhD student, I also wrote to Ari, particularly for my funding applications, research ethics in history, and I got detailed feedback and advice, which were quite beneficial and well deserved for my applications. Many of the techniques I've learned I now use in other applications and writings as well. I would gladly recommend contacting Ari in advance for mentoring and consulting about pedagogical development and special academic guidance, as well as funding applications. Since Ari's consulting style is excellent and productive, and holds PhD, also has been mentoring since 2009. "

"Thanks a lot for your help. Always when I struggled with my project and when I was unsure, I had the benefit of your existence and could ask your help."

"Everything was fine after this mentoring. My own supervisor had abandoned the whole project years ago."